Dual Mode Brayden CPR Manikin from Aero Healthcare

Imported to Australia exclusively by Aero Healthcare, the Dual Mode Brayden is an invaluable tool in teaching correct CPR technique, offering an increasing level of complexity to students.

  • Mode 1
    Students learn ideal CPR compression speed (rate of 100–120 per minute) with effective depth (above 5cm). This mode focuses on technique and speed, including full recoil.
  • Mode 2
    Students perfect their CPR compression to ideal depth (between 5-6 cm) and speed. This mode focuses on technique, speed, full recoil and not over-compressing.
  • Demonstration Mode
    Show students blood flow under normal heart function.

Ideal for scenario based training - start in Demonstration Mode then simulate Sudden Cardiac Arrest by turning the power off. Start a CPR challenge and see which students can maintain the best blood flow to the brain.

For more information and a free quote call 1800 628 881 or visit www.BraydenManikins.com.au

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